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Review ★ Bornprettystore [sponsored]

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Bornprettystore [sponsored]

This page has moved to a new address.

Review ★ Bornprettystore [sponsored]

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Bornprettystore [sponsored]

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Review ★ Bornprettystore [sponsored]

Hello everyone, it's been awhile!

I haven't posted anything in like a month and a half, but school and personal stuff got in the way of taking photos and writing anything. After all, November and December are the months of torture for most students. But at least I can say I survived final project due dates and finals!

Awhile back, Alicia from Bornprettystore contacted me to do a review on a product of my choice! I picked a lip crayon because crayon's tend to have a more moisturizing formula than lip sticks. The Canadian winters are cold and dry, so some sort of moisturizing lip product is a must, to avoid that chapped lips or that right sensation from dry lips.

Many of the products sold by Bornprettystore do not have a specific brand, but at the same time, you can't argue with their prices. Due to the lack of branding, there isn't a high mark-up on the products which means that the prices aren't inflated. Their goods are very inexpensive and awesome for those looking for new things to try, or are on a budget. Bornprettystore has a variety of beauty products ranging from makeup to nail products.

They also stock other miscellaneous items such as towel holders, phone screen protectors, etc. You're bound to find something at a really affordable price. On top of that, they offer free shipping which is a huge plus for many, because shipping prices can get ridiculous.

Anyways, you can continue to read my review behind the cut! All opinions on this product are unbiased and 100% honest.

(taken from bornprettystore)

"Special crystal embellish formula makes your lips become crystal glorious, lasting glossy. It is very comfortable, the effect is sexy and rich levels. It will activate the lips as gentle as a jade, and send out the vanilla flavor. It can nourish smooth full real your lips, make it seem more health and crystal and moist. This product also contains vitamin E to play a better protection effect. "

Although the description is a little convoluted, you probably get the gist of the what the product claims to do LOL. 
(taken from bornprettystore)
There are a total of 8 available shades that include nudes, pinks, corals, and even one orange shade. Although there isn't an extensive amount of shades available, there is still a colour for almost anyone (except those who are strictly fans of dark colours). Most of the colours are very wearable and low-maintenance too, which makes it great for daily wear whether it's for errands or work!

There's product on the cap because the crayon was twisted all the way out when I received it, so it was pressed against the cap.

I'm a little unsure as to what the product name is, but for the sake of the review I'll just refer to it as a lip crayon. The design on the crayon matches the box with the cute panda design. All of the additional information on the box is in Korean or Chinese so I can't give you a description or an ingredients list. It's probably something along the lines of the description they provided on their website, and possibly includes their ingredients list (although I'm a little skeptical on that due to the lack of text). 

The overall design feels like it is geared towards a younger demographic because of the font and image choices. This would be a great item for younger people, or those who are looking for more affordable products. If you're fan of cute things, then you'd probably like it as well. 

The crayon does not have a vanilla scent or flavour as claimed in the description, but rather a light peppermint scent that is similar to the Revlon ColorStay crayons. I'm personally not a fan of minty scents, hence I've stayed away from Revlon's crayons (although they are great in terms of quality). The scent isn't strong enough to taste, so the scent isn't really a big deal to me. 

The lip crayon is on the sheer side, but it has enough pigmentation to give off that 'my lips but better' effect with the more pink/nudey colours. It has a very buttery feeling to it, and it literally glides on effortlessly as it is applied. It feels more moisturizing than most lip products I've tried (ie. Clinique's chubby pencils, Innisfree's juicy gloss pencils); with exception to the Fresh sugar lip balm treatment. The moisturizing factor makes it a great product for the colder and/or dryer climates, so you can avoid that tight feeling when your lips get dry. It's not very noticeable in my lip swatches, but there's tiny glitters in it which I have yet to see in any other lip crayon. It has a really glossy finish, which is similar to a lip gloss without the tackiness of one. 

As for lasting power- there isn't anything miraculous about it. It has a very standard lasting power of a few hours, and fades with consumption of food and beverages. I don't believe that this is much of a concern since lip products are really convenient to carry around and are easily applied on the go. If you're looking for something that lasts long, a product that leaves a tint would be a better choice~ 

I will not lie, I was not expecting much in terms of quality. However, it exceeded my expectations since it adds nice wash of colour to the lips, on top of providing moisture to prevent dryness. The packaging leaves something to be desired, and falls short in the design department; however, I can't really complain when it is inexpensive. This is one of those products that shows that you don't necessarily have to break the bank for a good quality product! 

Many of the products sold on Bornprettystore are cheaper than the ones sold at drugstores, so the store is a great option for those on a budget or just starting out with makeup. 

+ Moisturizing
+ Pigmented, 'my lips but better' effect
+ Smooth application
+ Glossy finish
+ Price

C O N S 
- None

Effectiveness: ★★★★★
Packaging: ★★★
Price: ★★★★★
Overall quality: ★★★★☆

W H E R E   T O  P U R C H A S E ?
You can buy it from Bornprettystore for $7.98 (or $3.99 on sale).

You can also use this code to get 10% off any full priced items - this is non-applicable to sale items!

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