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Review ★ Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

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Review ★ Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review ★ Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

Hello everyone!

I still have yet to receive my Beautynetkorea package even though it's been about a month LOL, so my haul post will be delayed. Anyways, I will be reviewing Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion in place of that post. I wanted to try this product after watching Pony's (Park Hye Min) video on the long wear, and water glow cushion. I'm also a big fan of Innisfree's products, and I have yet to be let down by any of them :3. The water glow cushion is meant for those with dry skin, or those looking for a dewy finish; while the long wear cushion is recommended for combination/oily skin since it is supposed to hold up well throughout the day! This product is also advertised by the beautiful Yoona ^^.

It's summer here (and for some of you, it might be summer all year round), so the last thing any of us want is to put on a lot of makeup which might just smudge or melt off during the hotter days~ I'm sure a lot of you can understand the sensation of actually feeling the makeup on our faces LOL. The long wear cushion is meant for those long and/or really hot summer days where you don't want to wear heavy makeup! It claims to last 12 hours, and combat shine and sweat- that sounds really great, doesn't it? As usual, please continue reading under the cut if you're interested in this product c:!

(taken from the box, slightly reworded)
A long wear cushion formulated to keep skin bright and smooth all day while staying strong against sweat and sebum. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and soft with an even skin tone that calms pores and bumps. It contains sebum control powder that keeps skin looking brighter for longer without darkening or dulling out.

It comes in 3 shades: 13 - light beige, 21 - natural beige, and 23 - true beige. I got this in 21~ It goes for about 20,000 KRW, which is about $20.

(Image taken from the Beautynetkorea listing)
Use the puff to evenly apply it to your face, and gently pat to finish.

Long lasting, smooth fit, natural coverage
Mineral powder, Jeju green tea
The exterior packaging of the product is the typical Innisfree packaging. It isn't gimmicky, nor is there anything particularly special about the box. It is printed with soy ink, which is typically better for recycling and the environment in comparison to typical inks used on printed products. Also, it is made of recyclable cardstock~ I do not believe that there is an ingredients list on the box, but if there is, it's in Korean. I do not believe Innisfree's products contain harsh chemicals (usually following the 6-free rule), or an extensive list of ingredients though.

Manufacture date, which is fairly recent c:
The packaging itself is pretty much the generic cushion pact. There are refills available for this product too! The sponge looks similar to the Isa Knox X2D2 sponge, but it's a lot softer and flexible. I prefer to use a beautyblender over the included sponge, just because it's easier to evenly distribute the product around the eye and nose area. Honestly, I was not a believer of the beautyblender when I initially got it, because I used it with one of my Chanel foundations and it looked really blotchy. However, I have become a believer after using it with some of my cushion products and CC creams LOL. It's really pricey (and I used a gift card on it... I don't think I could bring myself to actually spend that much on a sponge), but I would recommend anything like it over the sponges included. I went a little off-topic there, but I just thought I'd share my two cents on it hehe.

It has a sweet, herbal, earthy scent which is Innisfree's signature scent (for face products anyways). I don't have any strong feelings about it, but I think it's rather pleasant. It appears very light when initially applied, however it blends into my skin well after patting it onto my skin and letting it set. The thing I love about these cushion products is that they do not feel heavy on the face at all, in comparison to foundations. It has a cooling sensation when it is first applied to the face, which is interesting but it's a very short-lived feeling. It is also very lightweight, so it feels as if there's nothing on my face. The last thing we want for our makeup is to physically feel the face makeup on our face. I do feel that it is a bit too light for my skin though, but I think it should be fine in winter, when I'm not as tanned. I'm around an NC25 right now, so the 23 shade might have been a better option; but it wasn't available in most of the stores.

The finish is great for those with combination/oily skin, because it has a matte, powder-like finish. It's not the kind of matte that gives off a cakey look; it looks very natural. It minimizes the appearance of pores slightly, and creates a smooth canvas for any additional face makeup such as blush and bronzer. I do not think it accentuates dryness as much as other cushion or liquid face products, but it will definitely do so if you have flaky patches which are noticeable to the eye. Nonetheless, that's easily remedied by applying moisturizer before your base and whatnot. This is not the product for you if you have very dry skin (regardless of the weather); but this might work for you if your skin is oilier during the summer despite being categorized as dry in general. It has medium coverage that is slightly buildable. Although it covers up redness and light blemishes very well, it cannot cover up dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Concealer is recommended if you need additional coverage!

This product definitely lives up to its name too! It's summer right now, but it's not too hot out.  It doesn't live up to the 12 hour claim, but I don't think people should keep their makeup on for that long anyways because it isn't good for the skin. In my personal experience, it lasts around 7-8 hours with the No Sebum Mineral Powder applied, and around 10 hours with MUFE's setting spray (which is one of my new HG products, by the way!). Presumably the mineral powder in the product itself (not the extra that I use on top of it) in it helps keep your makeup lasting longer~ However, some areas begin to look blotchy once the makeup starts to fade a bit due to oil from the skin, which is expected after such a long time too.

Overall, I think it's a great product. I can't seem to find anything wrong with it, and I do think it is worth the price. It has everything one could hope for in a product (except the coverage, perhaps). It's great as an every day cushion, especially in the warmer seasons where you don't want to put on a lot of makeup. In my opinion, it has a nicer finish and a longer lasting power in comparison to high-end foundations that I use. Due to it's high SPF, it isn't a good idea to wear this to events where you know flash photography will be used because it will give off a white cast in photos (ie. picture day, clubbing, etc.), as with most BB/CC creams. Honestly, I would purchase a refill if I ever ran out!

Also something to note: the refill does not fit with the other Amore Pacific cushion pacts (ie. Iope, Laneige, Etude House, etc.). So you can't just purchase the refill and put it in one of those pacts.

+ Long lasting
+ Lightweight
+ Blends smoothly into skin
+ Matte finish
+ Natural looking
+ Refills are available
+ SPF 50/pa++ to protect your skin from sun damage
+ Medium/slightly buildable coverage
+ Great sebum control

C O N S 
- None


W H E R E   T O  B U Y ?
I bought this from rubyruby76 for $16.14, on sale. This usually goes for around $20, and you can find it at the following places: Jolse ($22.50), Beautynetkorea ($22.50), Amazon ($19.59 + $4.30 shipping).

Have you tried any Innisfree products? If so, which ones are your favourites?

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