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June/July Haul #1 ★ Aritzia, Anthropologie, etc.

A S T R O P H O R I A: June/July Haul #1 ★ Aritzia, Anthropologie, etc.

This page has moved to a new address.

June/July Haul #1 ★ Aritzia, Anthropologie, etc.

A S T R O P H O R I A: June/July Haul #1 ★ Aritzia, Anthropologie, etc.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

June/July Haul #1 ★ Aritzia, Anthropologie, etc.


I haven't done a fashion haul since last year; actually, I haven't done a haul post in awhile. Honestly, I don't even go clothes shopping very often since I'm one of those people who repeats various outfits if I really like them LOL. Or I just feel really 'extra' or overdone wearing certain clothes u_u. But I thought I'd get some clothes for the season, because most of my wardrobe is fall/winter clothes or neutral colours. I also have a lot of navy blue, and black clothes. I usually go for versatility, instead of buying clothes solely for the season or trend, so it feels like I got my money's worth (especially if it's above $10-20 LOL). I don't think I've bought any articles of clothing since winter.

Anyways, this is my first instalment of my summer haul. I put June/July for this one, because I purchased all the Aritzia clothes at the end of June, while they were having their private sale~ Other than that, everything else was bought during this month. My next haul post will be on the makeup/skincare products I bought in July; it will be up whenever I receive my package from Beautynetkorea!

I apologize for the colour cast differences LOL. The lighting kept changing throughout the time I was taking the photos.

Talula Narita skirt & Talula Chouette skirt! I really wanted the pink one for some time, but I couldn't bring myself to splurge on it at full price (or even the current sale price). So good thing it was on sale, and the last one in its size in store :D. 

Talula Kent blazer and La Notte jersey shirt. That was the jersey shirt worn in one of my selcas on instagram~

Anthropologie Petticoat and Sinaloa tank. I've never bought clothes from Anthropologie, considering how expensive a fair amount of things are at full price. But I really like the style of their clothes, so this was my first time placing an order on the online store because it's quite inconvenient for me to go to the actual store in Toronto. Although it may have been better to do so, since I got dinged for customs and duties for my order.

[SIDENOTE&STORY] It really irks me when the delivery people don't make an effort to deliver a package, so they just leave the slip in your mailbox or on your doorknob saying that you weren't there to accept it. 

Today I went to pick up my Anthropologie stuff from the post office because of what I mentioned above LOL. So the girl at the post office desk was pretty rude LOL. She didn't accept my driver's license because the address was different from the package, which shouldn't really matter that much if the names match. So she kept telling me to go get proof of address. I came back (after walking 40 minutes back and forth), she takes my slip, and then she gets a phone call. It's her relative or something, and she's having a cheerful conversation on the phone and gives me the 'one moment' finger gesture, like WHO DOES THAT AT WORK? LOL. [/ENDSIDENOTE&STORY]

I spent a lot of time debating between the black and white ruffled tank, but I went with the white one since a lot of my friends said white would be better. It's a little sheer though :c. If I had more money, I would have bought the black one too. The petticoat tank top is still on sale on the website/in stores.

The print tank was a splurge; but the quality feels good, and the ruffles/lace add some weight to the top. I thought the stitching was really nice~

Anthropologie Ingress pullover. This one was love at first sight online LOL. I really like loose fitted sweaters, and the lace pattern and ribbon make it so adorable ;;. The back also adds an interesting touch to the pullover, so it looks a little more special :3. It feelings really soft, including the lace!

Free People and Garage cardigan. I got the Free People cardigan on sale for 75% off ^^. I like how it looks open, more than buttoned up. I got the Garage cardigan because I don't actually have a loose fitted black cardigan, while I have a lot of loose/oversized cream cardigans~ I like having contrast in my outfits :3, so I think this would be good to pair with light coloured/white clothes. Plus, it's alright for summer since it's open-knit and lightweight!

That concludes my haul post 8D. It hasn't been surprisingly hot this summer, in comparison to last year. But here's to hoping it doesn't get ridiculously hot within the next month.

Also, please stay tuned for my Back to School giveaway, which will be up sometime early August!

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