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A S T R O P H O R I A: July 2013

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A S T R O P H O R I A: July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review ★ Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream


Today I will be reviewing the Innisfree It's Real CC cream as my second CC cream review! I still have to review the Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC cream (wow, that's a mouthful).

This colour controlling cream contains magic colour capsules that modifies and adjusts to your natural skin tone on contact, creating a vibrant and healthy looking complexion. It contains Jeju mineral powder, Jeju green tea, and Jeju camellia (any other ingredients are not listed). The Jeju ingredients brighten dull skin. The 4-free system means that it is free of talc, benzophenone, acrylamide, and artificial ingredients.

Like the lipsticks, the CC cream comes in a box made of recycled paper. The information is also printed with soy ink, which is more environmentally friendly than the typical ink.

It only comes in one shade, which means the formula will change to match your skin tone. The formula is a really light pink (appears white after fixing the curves of the photo) in colour, with tiny capsules which are visible under close inspection (the camera refused to focus on it OTL). As the description says, the capsules are supposed to adjust to your skin tone to create an even, healthy looking complexion. The CC cream has a light herbal scent; although I'm not a fan of herbal stuff, I don't find it bothersome. It's really lightweight, and blends out very well.

The cream does a decent job at matching my skin tone after a few minutes, so my face doesn't look a few shades lighter than the rest of my body. However, it is still lighter than my skin because I've gotten darker from being out in the sun. It is really sheer in terms of coverage, and by really sheer, I mean it doesn't cover up much since the redness on my face is still semi-apparent after application. Additional concealing is necessary afterwards.

It has a dewy finish that will give your face nice glow. The dewy finish can either be a pro or a con depending on your preference. You can opt for a matte finish by applying a finishing powder on top of it, if you don't like the dewy finish. Like The Face Shop's Aura CC cream, it claims to have whitening, anti-wrinkle, and sun protection functionality.

I haven't experienced any problems with the Innisfree CC cream drying out my skin, or causing breakouts. It lasts for a fair amount of time (~4-5 hours with Bourjois healthy balance unifying powder) before there are traces of shininess; but in all fairness, it was it was really hot for the past week and a bit.

In my opinion, this CC cream would work best with combination or dry skin since it's quite moisturizing. Overall, it's good if you don't need a lot of coverage (ie. the condition of your skin is good/really good), and you're looking for a lightweight product that will give your skin a healthy, natural glow. However, this is not the product for you if you're looking for something with medium to full coverage. In general, BB creams provide more coverage than CC creams.

+ Lightweight
+ Moisturizing
+ Sun protection (SPF 30, PA++)
+ Smooth application
+ Brightens skin for a healthy glow
+ Hygienic packaging

- The dewy finish can be mistaken for greasiness, especially since it's so hot right now = u=;;
- Very sheer

Rating: ★★★★

Would I repurchase? No. I like that it is moisturizing so it would be good in the cooler months, but the coverage isn't good. There are better CC creams on the market, for around the same price or more. Personally, I like the Face Shop's aura CC cream a lot more.

Where to buy? I bought it from f2plus1 for $15 USD (link), like the rest of my Korean cosmetics. You can also buy it from: Yesstyle ($32), Amazon ($26), ibuybeauti ($25), w2beauty ($24), and sing-sing-girl@ebay ($15).

I will make a comparison post with face swatches and oil tests once I get the Tony Moly CC cream review out of the way~

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Versatile Blogger Award / Beauty Blogger Tag


I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Phailee & Natalie! Thank you so much for the award ^ u ^

Rules of the VBA
If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award
1. Thank the person who gave you this award
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominated those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

I nominate:
Misa -
Senna -
Nora -
Xiupau -
Katie -
Clarie -
Jenny -
Junjun -
June -
Laura -
Lisa -
Fräulein Schnee/Laven -
Elaine -
Rei -
Chee -

Wooh, I listed a full 15 bloggers 8D. Many of the bloggers mentioned have already done the tag, but it's definitely worthwhile to check out their blogs, as well as the people who nominated me :D.

7 Things About Me
  1. People often think I'm androphobic (phobia of guys LOL). I don't think I'm necessarily afraid of guys, but I just haven't really found someone I really like who is a combination of sexy and cute LOL (I've watched Crazy, Stupid, Love too many times). I get really uncomfortable when guys are over-persistent though. It's like, yeah it's nice you want to be friends or I'm flattered that you like me, but back it up.
  2. I'm an impulse buyer when it comes to clothes. I've bought a lot of clothes only to regret it later... especially the clothes I bought from yesstyle :|.
  3. I'm trying to lose 15lbs.
  4. I used to do art commissions (drawing people's requests for money). I don't really do any more illustrations since commissions kind of took the enjoyment of drawing away for me. But I still seldom doodle in my sketchbook~ 
  5. My current record for a bot game on LoL is 53-3 LOL. I've been playing too many bot games since my friend's friend just started League. Other than that, I'm a decent support, and a mediocre ADC.
  6. I like the sound of rain.
  7. I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to relationships, despite my icy demeanour (in person). 

I was tagged by Clarie for the Beauty Blogger Tag ^^

1. State that this tag was created by The Beau Bow
2. Tag some more beauty bloggers
3. Title this as I've done to show what this tag is about

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.
Exfoliating lips. A lot of people seem to exfoliate their lips with brown sugar scrubs and whatnot, but I'm way too lazy for that. I seldom do it in winter to avoid chapped lips though.

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly?
Yes. Well I think it's more important to wash face brushes, because the build-up can cause break-outs = u=. It's important to do it if you don't want to put your skin care products to waste.

3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?
If you mean nail polish, then not very long. I just remove it all. But then again, I hardly ever do my nails.

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (ie. top coat, foundation, etc.)?
I don't know o_o. I haven't really been in a situation to urgently need to replace a product. If I don't have something, I'll use something else (ie. BB cream instead of foundation). I have quiet a fair amount of make-up, so replacing a certain product isn't of any urgency, even if it's an HG product. Once again, I rarely paint my nails :<.

5) What is your worst beauty habit?
Popping pimples. I know it's terrible and gross, but a lot of people can't deny doing it LOL. I don't get pimples very often though.

6) Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time.
Everything LOL. I'm a huge procrastinator, like I just put off doing a lot of things until the last minute, or something becomes intolerable. I've done assignments on the night before, or reports on the morning of their due dates.

7) When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
No, I don't want to rush to put my face on. Applying make-up is kind of relaxing to me. It's not a big deal if I get ready last minute, if I don't intend on putting on a full face of make-up. I put together outfits last minute though, especially in summer when a lot of layers aren't required. But I will prepare an outfit if there's an important event going on.

8) Can you commit to spending bans?
I've never done a spending ban, but yeah, I guess I could... if I removed all my cards from my wallet. I should really go on a spending ban LOL.

9) How organized is your make-up & nail polish collections?
Alright, I guess. I keep my unopened/unused make-up in the drawers in my book shelf. I keep my go-to products on my desk, or in a box on my desk. I'm not one of those people who have an elaborate setup for make-up because I don't have enough (on contrary to most people's beliefs) make-up for me to require a legit, multi-shelf organizer.

10) What is the longest time you've gone without writing a blog post?
Maybe a month or so when I used Livejournal, GOOD TIMES, GOOOOOD TIMESSSS.

I tag... anyone who reads this and wants to do it aha.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Review ★ Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick

Hello :3

Today I will be reviewing the Innisfree creamy tint lipsticks :D. I decided against buying my typical colours (baby pinks, nude colours, etc.), and went for some bolder colours instead.

A highly pigmented, long-lasting moisture lipstick that delivers rich colour in a stroke (taken from the lipstick casing). It contains camellia oil and safflower oil to keep your lips hydrated and soft. It does not contain any animal products, talc, or benzophenone. I'm not sure what the other ingredients are since the box is in hangul, and the item description doesn't include the ingredients.

((taken from

These are the ones I bought:
★ #1 Flower Buds Pink
★ #4 Cocktail Orange
★ #10 Raspberry Red

They also come in:
★ #2 Cocktail Pink
★ #3 Dreamy Orange
★ #5 Sunshine Red
★ #6 Apricot Blossoms
★ #7 Pale Pink
★ #8 Flower Festival
★ #9 Dandelion Coral

Some sites also have new additional colours (available on koreadepart):
★ #11 Summer Orange
★ #12 Wind Coral
★ #13 Flower Pink
★ #14 Peach
★ #15 Apple Red

1, 2, 4, 5 are probably the most popular picks~

The packaging is made of recycled paper, and the information is printed with soy ink, so the packaging is eco friendly ^^.

The lipstick smells like candy, kind of like those candy necklaces LOL. It smells so good! Kudos to Innisfree for giving it a nice scent instead of the typical lipstick scent.

I used Kiehl's lip balm (free with my purchase ftw) under each swatch so they all have a shiny finish. Vaseline would also yield the same results ^^.

Flower Buds Pink and Cocktail Orange are really pigmented and true to the colour on the bottom of the case. Raspberry Red appears lighter than its bullet colour, and is more comparable to a mauve pink. Perhaps it's the lip balm that lightens up the colour, but I think it makes it a lot more wearable for the summer months. It only takes one application to get a good amount of colour on your lips. They leave a stain after fading out, so you will need to use a make-up remover to remove it completely.

Tips for using it:
  1. Dot the colour on your lips, and blend it out with your finger or a lip brush if you want a more sheer colour
  2. Apply a lip liner first for a more precise shape, and then fill it in with the lipstick
  3. Mix it with a neutral shade to tone it down
  4. Apply it in the inner part of your lips, on top of a nude colour to create the gradient effect
  5. Apply lip gloss or something with petroleum jelly in it to give your lips more dimension
  6. Mix it with a foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB or CC cream/etc. so you can use as a wearable blush (taken from the Innisfree website's diagram). 
Here is the link to the creamy tint lipstick page on the Innisfree website so you can browse through their reviews and find swatches, since I couldn't find reviews/swatches for many of the less popular choices (it's around the bottom of the page, they have leaves for their ratings). There are quite a number of reviews where the blogger shows multiple swatches of each colour. Although they're true to colour, it's definitely helpful to see complete swatches of the lipsticks.

Innisfree also has lip tints (Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge) with the same/similar colours~

+ Long lasting
+ True to colour
+ Nice scent (like candy)
Does not dry out your lips
+ Lightweight

- None

Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy? I bought them from f2plus1 for $12.69USD, which is like ~$13CAD once converted. Here is the link for them~ You can also find then on almost any online store that sells Innisfree products!

Would I repurchase? Yes, I think they are worth their price because the quality is really good. They have great colour pay-off, and I love the scent. The simple packaging is also a plus. I might go back for the lighter colours eventually :>

What do you think of the creamy tint lipsticks? What's your favourite lip product at the moment?

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review ★ The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream

Finally doing the first CC cream review out of the three that I purchased~

I have jumped the CC cream bandwagon~ For those who have yet to get into it, CC creams are kind of like a suped up BB cream. CC creams have skincare benefits such as evening out your skin tone over time (along with whitening, anti-aging, sun protection, etc. properties as advertised on some CC creams), as well as better coverage in comparison to BB creams. They are meant to look really natural, as if you aren't wearing any face make-up.

I bought it in 02 Natural Beige, which has a yellow undertone. It also comes in 01 Radiant Beige, which I assume is meant for fairer people.

Colour control cream that creates a radiant and clear make-up appearance, as if the skin is being spotlighted. It creates a brighter skin tone, and lasts up to 12 hours. It has silver-vine complex which is supposed to brighten up the skin.

It comes in a unique compact with a small sponge. The packaging is different from the typical BB/CC creams since they usually come in tubes or bottles with a pump. The CC cream is dispensed through the button-like pump, and it comes out in small amounts so you don't have to worry about dispensing too much product.

I didn't take any face shots since I didn't have time to do them before going out yesterday, so I just did the hand swatches when I got back @__@
This CC cream does not look like a lotion, unlike other CC creams. I've noticed that other CC creams (Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree) come out white and watery, whereas this one is a little more viscous and already pigmented. The consistency is similar to a liquid foundation. It provides medium coverage that is buildable, and has a semi-matte finish. Most CC creams on the market have sheer coverage, so this one is great if you're looking for one that will go the extra mile. Some bloggers have said it had a dewy finish, but perhaps it's just my skin or something >__<. Although the cream appears much lighter than my skin in the blended swatch, it will settle in and match your skin after a few minutes or so.

It looks natural, as if you're not wearing any make-up. It covers blemishes and redness quite well, however you may still need to use a concealer for darker spots/hyperpigmentation. The product is lightly scented, but it isn't anything that will irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. I think it's great for people with oily/combination skin. It is slightly lacking in the moisture department, so it's not the best option if you have dry skin, unless you use a good moisturizer beforehand to prevent it from drying your skin out.

There is a mini mirror in the compact so you can touch up your make-up when you're going to be out for prolonged periods of time. The packaging is convenient, albeit a little bulky, but you can just put it in your purse or make-up bag :3.

It's a great product for summer, since it has the SPF 30 to protect your face from the sun. No one wants to have to wear a ton of make-up during the summer, so the it will save you from feeling as if your make-up is going to melt off! I haven't used this too much yet, so I can't speak of the benefits of the CC cream (evening out skin tone, brightening, whitening, etc.). However, it is long lasting! My face make-up lasted for ~6 hours before there was a slight trace of oil, which I think is pretty good since it's summer and all. It would probably lasted longer if it wasn't so hot out = u=;, or if I spent most of the time indoors.

You can also purchase refills online if you really love the product, so you don't have to dispose of the container ^^. It's around $18USD, which is only a few dollars cheaper than its retail price.

+ Long-lasting
+ Medium coverage
+ Pump dispenses product in small amounts
+ Sun protection
+ You can buy a refill (less wasteful in terms of packaging)

- It's a little pricy at $22, however some online retailers sell it for even more ($30-40). It is definitely not worth $42 (+ tax) if you intend to get it at Pacific Mall

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Face Shop also has 2 other CC creams. The smart capsule CC cream SPF40 PA++ which is lotion-like, and the aqua UV CC cream SPF50 PA++, which is supposed to be waterproof, and cooling to the skin. You can purchase samples of the smart capsule CC cream on ebay, if you don't want to spend the full $20 or so.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. I don't absolutely love it, although I do like that it lasts for a long time. Overall it is a great quality product since it has practically everything one could want in a face make-up product! I still have the other CC creams to use, and more will come out before I consider whether it's worth it to repurchase ^^.

Where to buy? I purchased it from f2plus1 for $22.79USD (link). You can find it on most online stores, and if you live in Toronto, you can also find it at Pacific Mall since The Face Shop has a store there (it's $42 there so.. LOL).

Have you tried any CC creams yet? Do you think they're better than BB creams?

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June haul #2 ★ Innisfree & Elisha Coy


Here is the second part of my June haul, since I received my package today ^ u ^. Once again, I have ordered from f2plus1, because I just find their stuff cheaper than other online sellers in general, although rubyrubyshop is a close second. I don't normally rate customer service since I don't really contact sellers unless I have an issue, which is hardly ever the case. However, I think f2plus1's service is great, since they contacted me in order to inform me that the Innisfree juice gloss pencils were out of stock. They gave me an option of having the in stock stuff shipped first, and the rest later, or ship them altogether. I also received prompt replies and a new tracking number~ I will continue to order from them again, although I will have to look elsewhere for Etude House stuff since all their listings are gone = u=.

Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils in #1 Tropical Lemon, #2 Cheongpodo Aid, #4 Grapefruit Puree, #5 Cherry Soda. I didn't buy #3 Strawberry Sorbet because it looked similar to #2. They smell like their names LOL, #2 is like a grape scent.

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #1, 4, 10. I'm not sure if the colours have names LOL. They have a really sweet, candy-like scent.

Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream SPF30 PA++ and Mineral Glow Base.

Elisha Coy Time Capsule BB Cream SPF30 PA++. 

Less variety this time since I spent too much money at Aritzia OTL. I was going to buy some Tony Moly stuff too, but I realized Tony Moly has opened a store in Pacific Mall, so I just didn't bother ordering more stuff. Pacific Mall also has a Holika Holika and The Face Shop too, for those who live in Toronto or the GTA, and are looking for Korean cosmetics stores.

I will try to review all of these, along with The Face Shop aura CC cream, and Tony Moly luminous pure aura CC cream shown in my previous Korean cosmetics haul.

The comments on my previous posts are wonky now since I changed it to disqus. It's just easier to reply to people, and check back on my comments/replies on other blogs~

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Monday, 1 July 2013

June haul #1 ★ Stylenanda, Aritzia, & Benefit

Harro everyone & happy Canada Day!

I have another haul for this month~ I definitely spent a lot more than I should have, even though I tend to spend a little more than usual in my birthday month. I probably won't have a huge collective haul for July, unless I find some stuff I really want.

I splurged at Aritzia because of their private sale (sale before their actual sale) LOL. I had to make worth of the better discounts after spending a fair amount of money in that store. Honestly, I haven't been too fond of their Spring/Summer stuff because a lot of the clothes seem rather basic for their hefty price tag ($60 cotton henley shirt? I think not).

But I really wanted this Talula jacket that was available shortly in the fall. I saw a similar one with a detachable fleece-lining at Zara awhile ago, but it was a lot more expensive. However, the only thing I dislike about it is that the design is identical to the Trooper jacket, but with faux-leather sleeves. It's out of place for summer, but it'll work out for the fall/winter~

Stylenanda is one of the few Korean stores that ship internationally. I really wanted the Hello hat, so I just bought a few more things so I wouldn't have to pay $20 in shipping just for one hat. Sadly there was a missing piece on the bracelet :c. Their service is quite good, they'll ship your available items first if something is on back-order, and then ship the other item once it is in stock at no extra charge.

I don't usually include selcas in my posts because it takes me 5ever to get a good shot, but I thought this was a better way to show the Hello hat because of the text placement. I usually flip my selcas horizontally (because I think my selcas look better flipped LOL), but the text would appear backwards if I did u_u.

As for make-up, the only thing I bought was Benefit's cha cha tint, and the Innisfree stuff that should arrive early next week.

I basically spent my day watching the MLG League matches LOL. I feel like a total dork for watching them (and streams), but I vicariously feel their victories and losses without the frustration 8D. The CLG vs. TSM match was so intense, and their twitter votes were really close. I'm glad FXO won though, because I avidly watch some of their members' streams LOL /end dork tangent.

I've also added a Bloglovin' button on my sidebar, so you can follow me there to keep updated, since Google Reader is getting shut down :<. You can also import the list of blogs you're currently following to Bloglovin', so you don't have to manually go to each blog to follow them.

BUT YEAH, what are some things you bought this month that you really love? OR what is something you bought recently, and regretted? 

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