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A S T R O P H O R I A: February 2014

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A S T R O P H O R I A: February 2014

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Review ★ Isa Knox X2D2 CC Sun Block Cream

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I've done a review because school gets in the way of blogging OTL. I'll try to be more active here~ I've been meaning to change my header and layout anyways LOL, but I've just never gotten around to it. But anyways, today I will be reviewing the Isa Knox X2D2 CC sun block cream (50 PA+++). I bought it, along with the Mamonde real skin founder, from

This was my first time purchasing from ibuybeauti~ I find that their selection isn't as big as some ebay stores, but the comments section on the individual product pages are very helpful to potential buyers. You can post a comment/question/concern about a product, and someone will probably get back to you promptly ^^. Their customer service also responds to e-mails very quickly! They also provide free shipping (with no tracking), and tracking is an addition $2.50 like most ebay stores.

So I have no idea what the box says and whatnot, since it's completely written in Hangul LOL. But I guess it would say the brand and product name, its functions, what is included in the box, and other typical information.

I'm going to assume that the information slip that comes with it includes more in-depth information about the product LOL (functions, benefits, etc.). The back includes how to remove the product holder from the pact, and what I'm also assuming to be ingredients (below it).

ANYHOO, here are the features it claims to have (information taken from
3 colour capsules - automatically matches your colour skin tone
Long-lasting moisture - contains 62% of skin-conditioning ingredients (unspecified) for maintaining skin moisture
Long-lasting colour-correcting - darkening-free formula
Whitening function
Wrinkle prevention
Sun protection (SPF 50 PA+++)

The CC cream comes in a fairly big box because it comes with a refill. The box is really shiny, and it matches the pact's packaging. Overall, the packaging is very nice and sleek! The pact packaging itself is pretty generic like other BB/CC cream and cushion pacts, but I like the metallic look of it. It comes with two application sponges (one inside the pact, and one inside the box for the refill). The sponge is really firm, and is quite tedious to use around the nose area. I think a sponge is definitely the way to go with this product though! Fingers also work well with blending this product, but I feel that a sponge applies it more evenly. I've tried using a foundation brush with this too, but it left streaks on my face :c.

The CC cream has a light floral/lotion-like scent. I really don't know how to describe it that well, but I think other BB/CC creams smell really similar. It's not a bad thing since it's only lightly scented, and it isn't irritating to my skin. 

The formula changes colour almost instantly, unlike the Tony Moly & Innisfree CC creams, which take a few minutes to oxidize in order to match my skin. My skin tone is somewhere between fair and medium, but this CC cream does a really good job at matching my skin tone without creating a white cast. I think it's great that this CC cream doesn't exclusively work better for those who have a fair complexion. The consistency of the product resembles that of a really light cream or lotion, it feels thinner than the Face Shop Aura CC Cream. As for lasting power, it lasts me for the duration of my day without fading; however, I need to blot off oil around the 7 hour mark

In my opinion, it has light to medium coverage. One layer of this CC cream covers a fair amount of redness and discolouration on my face; however, it does not cover those things completely. It has a dewy finish, which gives your skin a healthy shine that doesn't look greasy. Despite not being full coverage, it definitely fulfills the 'your skin but better' aspect of CC cream. I think it looks very natural, as if you're not actually wearing any face make-up! Overall, it does not feel heavy on my face, compared to BB creams or foundations.

I would recommend this product to those with dry or combination skin- it doesn't dry out my skin, so it's good in that sense. Like most liquid face make-up, it will emphasize flakiness, so you should still apply a moisturizer to the dry patches even though the product is already somewhat moisturizing. I would recommend blotting or applying a powder on top if you have oily skin, or if you prefer a matte finish over the dewy finish.

Although $40 might seem like a lot, don't forget it also comes with a refill! I think it's worth it's price tag, especially considering there's a lot of BB/CC creams and foundations are within in the same price range (~$20 for one). 

+ Capsules almost instantly match your skin tone
+ Thin - does not feel heavy when applied
+ Light-medium coverage
+ Comes with a refill
+ Natural finish
+ Nice packaging
+ Long lasting
Easily blended out

- Hard to find
- Information on this product is hard to find

Rating: ★★★★★

Where to buy? I purchased this from for around $40. You can also purchase it from koreadepart ($30) and bestbuy77 ($24 for one, $35 including the refill - prices are in USD).

Thank you for reading and continuing to follow my blog ^ u ^~

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