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Review ★ Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils

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Review ★ Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review ★ Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils


I feel like I'm really slow with putting out reviews LOL, but I finally have a review to share :D. I will be reviewing the Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils, which sparked my June haul because colour changing things fascinate me * A*.

Lip pencils that contains moisture that melts softly on your lips. They contain vitamin E which helps keep your lips healthy, as well as camellia flower oil to keep your lips hydrated.

I got 4 out of 5 of them.
★ #1 Tropical Lemon
★ #2 Cheongpodo Aid (green grape)
★ #4 Grapefruit Puree
★ #5 Cherry Soda

It also comes in #3 Strawberry Sorbet

I didn't purchase Strawberry Sorbet because the swatch in the item information in the listing looked like a slightly cooler version of the Green Grape (baby pink).

They didn't come in any additional packaging with product information, so I don't know what additional ingredients are in it. There was a sticker on the lid so you know someone didn't tamper with it. The cap is decorated with a cute fruit print that just screams summer!

You have to twist the bottom to get more product, just like a lipstick or a lip crayon. The manufacture date can also be found at the bottom.

The glossy pencils function like a tinted lip balm/crayon, and they have a similar texture. They leave your lips looking healthy and moisturized. The finish isn't sticky even though it leaves your lips with a light shine, so that's a plus too :D.

Tropical Lemon and Green Grape are really sheer, so I was a little disappointed with them. Tropical Lemon is a warmer shade of pink than Green Grape. But you can't really tell once it's applied (as seen in my lip swatches OTL), so you're better off buying one or the other if you're interested in them, since the only key difference is the scent. Those two are comparable to a lip balm, rather than a lip stick/crayon. Tropical Lemon and Green Grape is good for those looking for a low key lip colour, instead of a solid colour. They give a sheer hint of pink to your lips without it looking like you're wearing a lip colour. I think they smell the best out of all the ones I purchased * u *.

On the other hand, Cherry Soda and Grapefruit Purée do not disappoint, because they are pigmented and true to colour. It only takes one swipe for a solid colour! I don't have many orange lip products, so Grapefruit Puree is a good addition to my collection :D. Strawberry Sorbet is like Cherry Soda and Grapefruit Purée in terms of pigmentation, since it doesn't have to oxidize into a colour like the colour changing ones. So I kind of wish I purchased that instead of Tropical Lemon or Green Grape.

They last for a few hours before drying out. Cherry Soda tends to leave a tint after drying out completely. I like to use that one for the gradient lips since I feel that Benetint can be a tad drying >__<.

+ Moisturizing
+ Pigmented
+ True to colour (except for Tropical Lemon and Green Grape)
+ Scent matches their names. The scent of Cherry Soda might be too artificial for some though.

- None.

Rating: ★★★★★ (for Cherry Soda & Grapefruit Puree) / ★★★★ (for Green Grape & Tropical Lemon)

Where to buy? f2plus1 for $9.90USD~ (link). Most ebay sellers will sell it for $10. You can also find it at Jolse for $10, and kpoptown for $9.

Would I re-purchase? No. They're not a holy grail product, but overall, the juicy gloss sticks are a good product, with cute packaging to boot! They're inexpensive, so you should definitely try them out if you're looking for a lip crayon, or a new lip product to try out!

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