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Review ★ Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour

This page has moved to a new address.

Review ★ Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour

Friday, 7 June 2013

Review ★ Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour

Second instalment of reviews from my haul! The All Over Colours are from the Sweet Recipe collection which has plenty of dessert themed cosmetics with uber cute packaging!

(Paraphrased the item description on e-bay, link will be at the end in the where to purchase part)
The Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour has 5 vibrant colours which you can use multiple ways. It can be used as a blush, eyeshadow, and/or lip colour.

As you can see, they come in a box that kind of resembles a cupcake take-out box. Like most of Etude House's other products, the product packaging is also adorable :D. Etude House has other lip and perfume products that come in different tins based on their theme (there's a bee lip balm, hello kitty perfume tin, 'dear girls' lip balm, etc.), but the cupcake ones are by far the most aesthetically pleasing.

These are the ones I bought:
★ PK002 - Strawberry Chiffon Cake
★ OR202 - Peach Sugar Cake

They also come in:
★ PK001 - Blueberry Cheesecake
★ RD301 - Raspberry Mousse Cake
★ OR201 - Orange Choux Cake

Left: PK002, right: OR202
Top: Blended out

Natural lip colour (with lip balm) -> OR202 -> PK002 (with flash)

Both of them have a peach scent that smells really good. They just make me feel like eating a piece of cake or something sweet :9.

The colours go on lighter than the solid colour in the tin, so PK002 and OR202 are more nudy shades.

Lip colour: I recommend using a chap stick/lip balm before applying this since it's not moisturizing, and it will emphasize chapped lips or fine lines. Although it goes on sheer, you can build the colour so that it is more opaque. I would not recommend to use this product in the winter months (if you have winter anyways LOL). These colours are a good base for putting on a lip tint or lip stick for the gradient lip colour style.

Blush: I recommend PK001 & PK002 if you skin is cool-toned, and OR201 & OR202 if your skin is warm-toned. I think RD301 is good for any skin tone. It doesn't really matter which colours you use if you have a neutral skin tone~ However, RD301 would probably show up best if you are not pale. The colour goes on smooth on top of my face make-up. It has a semi-matte finish (which is also the reason why it's not great as a lip colour) that lasts for around 4 hours.

Eyeshadow: Personally, I won't be using this as an eyeshadow. But I recommend you use a primer under it because it will crease. It can be a nice base colour before you apply darker shades or different colours to add dimension.

+ Multifunctional
+ Cute packaging
+ It smells awesome
+ It's not sticky
+ Colour is buildable

- It's not hygienic to keep dipping your fingers in it. I would recommend you use a lip brush or a q-tip.
- Emphasizes chapped lips/sinks into lines

Rating: ★★★★

Where to purchase? I purchased mine from f2plus1 for $8.30 CAD ($7.99 US). They usually sell for around $7-9. Here is the link for the item :3.

Would I repurchase? No. It's main selling point is the adorable packaging, and that it is multifunctional. However, some people use lipsticks as a blush (and it's viable as an eyeshadow too), so the multi-functionality is not anything new, or specific to this product. If you use a lipstick as a blush, remember to wipe the top of the bullet before applying it.

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At 7 June 2013 at 17:25 , Blogger Laura ♥ said...

Interesting review, I've heard similar things about it being a bad eyeshadow. They look nice on you, the Strawberry one is super Barbie pink on you! It looks nice though! :)

At 7 June 2013 at 17:32 , Blogger thepigs said...

i love the peach color but it doesn't look very good as a lip color :c it would be cuter as a blush or eyeshadow. thanks for the review c:

At 7 June 2013 at 23:30 , Blogger Natalie said...

I don't think I would use it as an eyeshadow or blush, but I think they look really cute as lip colors! I really love the middle one. I'm a fan of nude lip colors so I should give these a try. Thanks for the review!

At 8 June 2013 at 08:07 , Blogger JNN said...

Yeah, I don't think it's properly formulated to be an eyeshadow since you have to build on the colour for it to be more opaque, which will most likely make it crease more.

At 8 June 2013 at 08:10 , Blogger JNN said...

The peach colour definitely makes a better blush than the pink one. It's a little too bright to be a nude colour that's worn by itself OTL, but it's good as a base for a lip tint or something like that~

At 8 June 2013 at 08:15 , Blogger JNN said...

You're welcome~ I find a lot more bloggers preferred it as a blush due to the finish xD. They're fine as long as you have a good lip balm applied first, or if you use a sugar scrub to exfoliate beforehand.

They do make nice nude shades. As a cautionary thing, PK001 (Blueberry Cheesecake) goes on purple LOL.

At 10 June 2013 at 18:42 , Blogger Visa said...

the packaging is so cute! really nice colors too.
great review/post. really like the colors for a blusher.


At 11 June 2013 at 12:12 , Blogger Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute the package and are sweet and cute colors!
Many thanks for the review sweetie!
I really like it you blog and now I´m following you in GFC}I hope your follow me back!

At 11 June 2013 at 18:32 , Blogger The Serotinal said...

This creased horribly on me. I actually don't like most multi-purpose products, because I find that they work most effectively for one function only. The packaging is adorable though!

At 11 June 2013 at 19:55 , Blogger JNN said...

I'm glad you like it ^^. A lot of people like it as a blush, moreso than a lip balm/colour too :D

At 11 June 2013 at 19:56 , Blogger JNN said...

I love their packaging! The eyeshadows from the Sweet Recipe collection also come in similar tins that resemble cakes too!

Thank you for the follow~ I'll definitely check out your blog ^ u ^

At 11 June 2013 at 20:04 , Blogger JNN said...

I've tried it once as an eyeshadow, and I didn't like it either aha.
I think so too, and I find that it usually compromises the quality of the product too.

A lot of people probably bought it for the packaging xD. I'm a sucker for cute packaging OTL

At 17 June 2013 at 00:26 , Blogger karla kach said...

Amazing color and shades, I love it.

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At 19 June 2013 at 11:49 , Blogger Musicat said...

wow... lovely color and shades...

I created a new beauty blog, can we follow each other? let me know if you follow me and I will follow you back quickly. I hope to see you there!

At 20 June 2013 at 15:59 , Blogger JNN said...

I'll definitely check out your blog ^^

At 22 June 2013 at 09:00 , Blogger Misa Lee said...

This is so cute... The color on lips look pretty <3 Love the packaging of course ^^ Thank you for the review :D

At 22 June 2013 at 14:07 , Blogger JNN said...

You're welcome ^^. The packaging is love <3

At 27 June 2013 at 18:50 , Blogger Miss Sennnaa said...

Kyaaa!! The packaging is super adorable!!!! And I love how the colours create dolly-shade lips!! I must buy some myself!!!

-Miss Sennnaa

At 28 June 2013 at 19:20 , Blogger JNN said...

Everyone loves the packaging xD. They're perfect for dolly shades and gradient lips :3. The link doesn't work anymore, since I think the listing expired or something, but I'm sure other websites will have it!


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