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Review ★ Lioele l'cret miracle magic lipsticks

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Lioele l'cret miracle magic lipsticks

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Review ★ Lioele l'cret miracle magic lipsticks

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Lioele l'cret miracle magic lipsticks

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review ★ Lioele l'cret miracle magic lipsticks

Here's the first instalment of reviews from my Korean cosmetics haul ^^!

(taken from, some of it was paraphrased to avoid a huge wall of text)
Lioele L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick is a hypoallergenic, long-lasting, waterproof mood lipstick with SPF14. The lipstick is paraben-free, lasts for at least 12 hours, is non-transferable, and kiss-proof.

The product contains natural oils/oil complexes (castor seed oil, orange oil, lavender oil, rosa canina flower oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and seabuckthorn oil). to protect your lips, keep them moisturized and smooth, and maintain their elasticity. These lipsticks act as a lip balm, lip stick, lip treatment, lip tint, and UV protectant. They are also supposed to change colour based on your individual mood and pH levels.

The lipsticks either comes in a circular diamond or square package. The diamond packaging is the one that is mostly advertised on the information provided on most websites, although they do show the square one a few times.

These are the ones I bought:
★ 02 Elegant Purple -> Soft Pink
★ 03 Lush Green -> Azalea Pink
★ 05 Fresh Orange/Fanta Orange -> Peach Pink

They also come in:
★ 01 Sexy Red -> Classic Red
★ 04 Neat/Refreshing Yellow -> Red Coral

Elegant Purple has a strong flowery scent, which resembles hand soap, Fresh Orange has a more muted flowery scent, and Lush Green smells citrusy. The green one is definitely my favourite, because I'm a fan of fruity scents, and it's a nice colour. I wasn't really expecting anything spectacular, since lipstick quality is sort of generic (except for the higher end ones like YSL); but, I was pretty blown away by how pigmented and shiny it was after a few swipes.

Elegant Purple -> Lush Green -> Fresh Orange
Elegant Purple -> Lush Green -> Fresh Orange
The Elegant Purple & Lush Green appear darker sometimes.
I was hoping that Elegant Purple would be more of a baby pink, rather than a cooler version of the Lush Green.

A lot of brands advertise that their lipsticks stay on for 12 hours, but that usually isn't the case. I wouldn't say that's the case for these ones either LOL; but the colour does last for around 4-6 hours due to the staining effect. The shininess does fade with eating and/or drinking, just like any other lipstick. Or when your skin absorbs the oils from the lipstick after a few hours. These lipsticks don't require many applications throughout the day either!

I've read some reviews prior to purchasing them, because it's important to know whether it's a good product before spending money on it aha. From what I gathered for the ones I did not purchase: the Sexy Red is more cool-toned & fuchsia like its bullet colour, and the Refreshing/Neat Yellow isn't as pigmented as the others (noted on the comparison chart above). I don't think the other ones have any problems with them ^^. The red, green, and purple ones are the most popular ones.

Lastly, you will have to use a good make-up remover to get rid of the stain.

+ Pigmented
+ Long-lasting
+ Moisturizing - good for those people who like tinted lip balms :D
+ SPF 14 to keep your lips protected from UV rays
+ Smooth application

- Price variation. On some websites it's ~$18-20 (suggested retail price), and on others it's $10-12. Maybe the ones with the diamond packaging cost more (they don't tell you which packaging you'll get though), or the sellers buy it in bulk and get a discount so they sell it for cheaper? I don't know, there isn't anything wrong with the cheaper ones though.
Elegant Purple's scent is a tad strong for my liking.

+ Lush Green - ★★★★★
+ Fresh Orange - ★★★★★
+ Elegant Purple - ★★★☆

Where to purchase? I purchased mine from f2plus1 on ebay for $8.30 CAD ($7.99 USD). That's pretty cheap for a lipstick, right? Here is the link if you're interested in it!

Would I repurchase? I'd repurchase Lush Green, because I like the colour and the scent. 

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At 1 June 2013 at 16:27 , Blogger Junjun said...

Woah~ This looks pretty cool! o: I need to look more into this! Thank you so much for the review and the swatches! >u<

At 1 June 2013 at 19:11 , Blogger JNN said...

You're welcome ^ u ^! There's other colour-changing lipsticks out there too (Innisfree, Tony Moly). I like them for their novelty~

At 22 June 2013 at 08:57 , Blogger Misa Lee said...

Aww I really love the orange one! But those colors really tricked me :o The green is actually pink, that's really interesting :D I know the Saem has similar lipsticks as these ones too ^^ Thank you for the review I might want to try this one too~

At 22 June 2013 at 14:06 , Blogger JNN said...

I think it's a trendy thing in Korea, since a lot of brands have their own colour changing lipsticks (although they're more like tinted lip balms). Innisfree, Tonymoly, Banila Co, and Peripera have them too :D.

You should definitely try them out if you can!


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