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Review ★ Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

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Review ★ Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

A S T R O P H O R I A: Review ★ Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review ★ Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

I was going to post this yesterday, but I got caught up with League of Legends ;___;... which I'm terrible at LOL. The games take so long, I swear, it's like a test on my patience. At least it keeps me awake, and distracted from my psycho neighbours who bicker all the time.


A few weeks ago, I finally found the Freeman's masks. They're supposedly more common in the states, but they were hard to find in Toronto. Surprisingly, the Shoppers Drug Marts here don't stock them OTL. BUT ALAS, I found them in Loblaws, which was unexpected since it's a grocery store, with a tiny section dedicated to drugstore bath items, make-up, and skincare products. It was on the bottom shelf in the skincare aisle, which made it more inconspicuous. The masks go for about $5 ($3.77 on sale) which is really cheap in comparison to other drugstore masks, and of course, the brands housed at Sephora. The masks are supposed to be like $3.99 in the US. The masks are rated really well on various websites, and there's a few youtube gurus who recommend it as well.

I can honestly say this is the mint & lemon mask is the best mask I have used, in comparison to Origin's Active Charcoal Mask, Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask, DDF's Sulfur Therapeutic Mask (discontinued, but it was good for clearing up spots), or even Boscia's Black Luminizing Mask (it's a peel type mask though). I'm not going to compare it to the sheet masks since sheet masks are serum based, and they're for hydrating and whatnot.

The mint & lemon mask does as it claims to. As far as the typical clay mask goes, it can be quite drying. However, I haven't had problems with it causing irritation/itchiness, dry patches, or flaking. Although it's a bit drying, it's nothing a little moisturizer can't fix. Either way, your face will feel super soft after aha.

My camera wouldn't focus properly in the before picture, but I think the difference is pretty obvious??
Before (after cleansing) / After (after the mask + Lancome hydrating toner + Caudalie beauty elixer)
My personal rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is one of those products that show that a hefty price tag doesn't necessarily mean it's a spectacular product, and even cheaper products with less fancy packaging can work really well too.
  • It dries very quickly, unlike other masks where you have to wait about 10-15 minutes for it to fully dry before you can wash it off. 
  • It's a more cost-effective way to spot treat pimples or fight break-outs.
  • Works best for those with oily/combination skin.
  • Overall texture of skin is improved.
  • The scent isn't overpowering.
  • I would not recommend it for people with really dry skin.
  • Your face will feel a little 'tight' (that's the only way I can describe it :c) if you leave it on for too long. 

I also bought the avocado & oatmeal mask, but I haven't tried it out yet. That one is also well-received by many :3.

That's about it for today... now I'm going to go play League of Legends huhuhu. 

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At 30 April 2013 at 17:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, nice review! I've never really tried these kinds of masks (where they're in a tube/jar,) just the serum based masks.

The results you got look amazing! Your skin looks much cleaner/brighter after applying on moisturizer. Next time I'm at the drugstore, I'm going pick this baby up! ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

Haha, I play DOTA2 and it can be hard. Don't worry, you'll get better the more you practice!

At 30 April 2013 at 17:46 , Blogger JNN said...

I don't really like the jar ones, since most of them don't come with a spatula or something OTL. I like serum-based masks more, since I don't have to wash them off :'D *lazy*, and you can use some of them twice!

Yes! You should try it! Supposedly there's a travel sized one too that's like $1.50 or something like that~ the stores only have the full-sized ones here :c. But it's okay, since it's cheap compared to the $20+ masks out there = u=!

My friend plays Dota2 for hours on end LOL. These games are addictive D:


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